This blog is an experiment, a proof of concept for the following:

  1. Can a blog be turned into a search directory and how well does this work?
  2. Does the average visitor know how to use it?
  3. Does it aid in the discovery of other blogs?
  4. Is there a need for more directories of blogs and/or search engines?
  5. Scale?

Please leave a comment about how useful this blog finder was for you.

I’m mostly just adding blogs I like as I find them.  If you are the owner of a blog that is already listed and would prefer a different description or tags please use the contact form to let me know.

The ads shown on this blog come from WordPress.com as the price of “free” hosting.  This blog is not about making money, earning income or search engine rankings, I’m retired i don’t need the money.

Adding Your Blog

If you want to add the URL to your blog you can use the contact form.  Be sure to include your URL, description of what the blog is about (please avoid promotional language), suggested tags.

Not every blog will make it in.  New blogs should have, at least 10 – 20 good, recent posts.  Blogs with too many ads, any popups, or look like they are “made for Adsense,” will not be included.  I am not interested in listing commercial blogs.


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