Announcement: The Future of Blog Snoop

I’m hitting a fork in the road with this site and the experiment of using a blog as a directory of blogs.  The problem here is me: I’m running out of time.  I’m duplicating a lot of work trying to add blog listings to both Blog Snoop plus try and maintain a decent blogroll on my own blog, plus write my own blog posts.

I still think this idea is doable.  I think it can work and can help get blogs large and small found by readers.  (Actually we need to think of it as a more of a search engine, getting users to use the site search to find blogs by topic.)  I don’t think using a blog for this is as good as using a real web directory script, but if a blog is all you have it can be pressed into this use.

The Fork in the Road

Call for Contributors

One branch of the road is that we add volunteer Contributors to Blog Snoop.  People interested in adding blogs in posts like I have done.  People interested in cataloging the world of blogs.  For now I will maintain final approval for editorial consistency and spam quality control.  If you are interested, in becoming a contributor, please use the contact form: briefly tell me something about yourself and send me either your email address or your username and I will then send you an invite via WordPress.  I will NOT spam you.

Or We Shut Down

The other road fork leads to shutdown since I cannot maintain or grow this on my own.


Regardless of the status of Blog Snoop, I have created a webring for blogs which you are welcome to join if you want.  This is easier for one man to maintain because I don’t have to hunt down sites.

No matter what happens, this too is really part of the grand Web experiment.  Adventure!

I wish you all good luck with your blogs.



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